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Questions about Ordem do Graal na Terra

What is Ordem do Graal na Terra?

Ordem do Graal na Terra is an institution whose aim is to spread the contents of The Grail Message of Abdruschin, IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH, through the publication of this work - in Portuguese - and other related books.

All activities of the Ordem do Graal na Terra are based on the principles of The Grail Message.

Ordem do Graal na Terra is located in the city of Embu, State of São Paulo, Brazil. There are branch offices in several cities around the country.

People interested in obtaining further information can contact us in person, by regular mail or via e-mail . Please refer to our addresses .

How was Ordem do Graal na Terra created? Is there any link between Ordem do Graal na Terra and other orders, societies or any similar movement?

The Grail Movement began shortly after Abdruschin had presented his work to mankind, with the dissemination of The Grail Message throughout many countries.

Readers of the Message turned to him, compelled by their wish to gain deeper knowledge. This movement was headed by Abdruschin himself until his death.

In Brazil, the Ordem do Graal na Terra was set up as the result of the activities of followers of The Grail Message who endeavored in giving a broader scope to the meaning of the teachings contained in this work, according to the orientation left by Abdruschin.

Ordem do Graal na Terra is a completely autonomous organization which has no association or link with any other order, society, or sect holding any similar name or title.

Final Remarks

We live in an age of uncertainty and incoherence...

Although human beings seem to have mastered the material world through advanced technical developments, mankind suddenly appears to be fragile and helpless regarding natural catastrophes, incurable diseases, depression, phobias and all other kinds of suffering.

More sensitive people ask the whys and wherefores. In light of so many unsolved questions, it is impossible to hold "chance" responsible for everything.

So far, the intellect alone could neither bring relief to man's pains nor answers to his most elementary questions. Human beings possess high technology and "can do almost anything" in the gross-material world, but are unable to explain the basics and fundamentals: birth, death, freewill, etc.

Only comprehensive knowledge and logical, coherent answers can help free human beings from their problems, misfortunes, anxieties, fears, worries, and illnesses of body and soul.

"It is the sacred duty of the human spirit to investigate why it is living on earth, or in general, in this Creation, where it is suspended as if by a thousand threads. No man considers himself so insignificant as to imagine that his existence is purposeless, unless he makes it so".

(The Language of the Lord)
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